Healthcare professions

The health market is the focus of attention in political discussions. The continually changing general conditions and increasing competition represent an enormous challenge for all those working in this sector. With the introduction of case-based lump sums (Diagnosis Related Groups - DRGs) in clinics and the far-reaching changes through the German healthcare reform law (GMG) for people with their own practices, increasingly a new orientation is often required in order to permanently secure the future of the medical professions. sichern.


Hermann Pointl

With our many years of experience and our industry expertise, we can support you in all phases of your professional development. We advise numerous doctors (single and shared practices, practice associations), medical centres, hospitals, care facilities, clinics and other facilities for medical therapy on questions under civil and company law and on economic and tax questions, all under one roof.

Creative consultancy
In the purchase or sale of a medical practice there are far-reaching decisions to be made that can quickly have disadvantageous consequences without professional advice. Many problems (not just in the matter of tax) can also arise in the foundation of practice associations or other forms of co-operation.

Our services:

  • Advising the purchaser or vendor in the case of practice transfers
  • Advice on the law and tax law on founding practice associations and group practices
  • Showing new approaches in medical centres
  • Evaluation of medical practices
  • Optimization in view of threats to business activity
  • Private asset and succession planning
  • Assessment of liability for VAT on medical services

Business management advice
Medical practices are becoming ever more like businesses and thus providers of health services. Business management ideas and actions thus come to the fore.

We are able to intensively look after all business management processes, provide you with an accurate image of the economic development of your practice and to inform you in good time of any negative developments. The benefit for you is that you can concentrate on running your practice whilst we take on its monitoring.

Our services:

  • External practice comparison on a quarterly basis
  • Monthly planning and taxation of all liquidity flows
  • Monthly nominal/actual comparison
  • Establishing scenarios (business/private)
  • Analysis of weaknesses
  • Analysis of the income side (particularly in view of private patients and medical services not covered by health plans)

Continuous tax
Current financial and payroll accounting is carried out promptly and economically by us, likewise cash basis accounting and annual accounts, as well as associated tax returns. In addition, we have developed informative and graphic business management evaluations especially for doctors that can provide information regularly (monthly, quarterly) and comprehensibly on the financial development of the practice.

Through forward-looking advice, we also focus on the personal financial situation of the owner of the practice. In addition to advance calculations of tax and budget forecasts, we can also offer advice on questions regarding financial old-age provision (strategic asset structuring).

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Hermann Pointl
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